The Color Purple By Alice Walker Essay

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“The Color Purple” by Alice Walker is a very radical movie of the twentieth century. While not only showing the abuse of women in a new light, it also shows the growing independence of women as well. The story is set in the Deep South in America after the Civil War. It shows a young woman, Celie and her struggles as a young girl grow into deeper struggles as a middle aged woman. As the story progresses, many important women come in and out of her life, and ultimately help her with the hardships in which her faces as a woman in this time period. The story begins with her hard life with her abusive father, moving into the even worse life with her abusive husband. However, fortunately the movie comes to a closure with the independence of this strong woman, Celie. It was often said that this movie was to demonstrate the problems women of not only an African American race face, but all in general. This is one of the beginnings of the feminist movement, or the women’s rights movement. While watching “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker one is able to recognize the messages in which it presents on the importance of voice, the evils of racism and sexism, and the power of friendship, specifically among women.
While watching “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker, it becomes very evident that a message within is the importance of one’s voice. While not entirely meant literally, it shows the power of one standing off for themselves. As noticed within society, people can be bullied and…

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