The Color Purple And Schindler 's List Essay

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Controlling Authority Figures Steven Spielberg uses authority figures to emphasize a clear relationship between high and low powered characters to draw out the theme that the figure with higher power doesn’t necessarily control the character with less power. Spielberg shows this theme gradually in the movies The Color Purple and Schindler’s List. He shows the relationships between the characters of different statuses through character development, major events, and the influence of characters on other characters. Character development filmed in The Color Purple and Schindler’s List show the audience a clear sense of a difference in authority. In the film The Color Purple, Spielberg introduces Celie as the minority to Mister; who is clearly the authority figure. Spielberg followed Celie and developed her character from beginning to end. The film started with Celie as a young, vulnerable girl, who could not stand up for herself. She does anything that her father or Mister tells her to do, including marrying Mister. When Celie is forced to leave, she is taken away from her sister. This event is a significant turning point in Celie’s character. She learned when to stand up for herself and when to obey Mister. Celie was influenced by many other characters and this helped her gain the confidence she needed to stand up to Mister. With the development of Celie’s character, Spielberg creates suspense for the audience by creating the question of whether or not Celie will stand up…

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