The Color Of Water By James Mcbride Essay

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In The Color of Water by James McBride the stories of Rachel/Ruth and James who are in two different families are told. Each story explains the expectations and values, the difficulties, the changes and the lesson learned from both Rachel/Ruth and James. Rachel went through many struggles with leaving her Jewish family and starting alone to raising twelve children using some of resources she still had from her family. On the other hand, James hardships came with having a white mother and himself being black and not being able to identify himself with one group or the other.
Rachel Shilsky was born in Poland an orthodox Jew, at the age of 2 she was brought to America and faced several hardships in the years to come. Her background had a huge impact on her children because she used some of the things imposed on her to raise them. Some difficulties Rachel/Ruth went through were being molested by her father, having a paralyzed mother, losing her brother, and being forced into the Jewish rules and religion. In addition, the most difficult thing was abandoning her mother and her separation from her sister (McBride, pg 163). Even through all these hardships, Rachel/Ruth still implemented in her household some of the resources she took from her past. She had strict rules of family and religion, always encouraged her children to work hard for what they wanted, had a quest for excellence, and a deep belief in God and education. With everything that she went through, Rachel/Ruth…

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