The Color Of Water By James Mcbride Essay

1334 Words Sep 10th, 2015 6 Pages
When individuals are caught up in the past, it is hard for them to move forward. Often these individuals struggle with their emotion and try to avoid the problem instead of tackling it and moving forward. It is usually when these individuals aren’t ready to move on, that they find different ways to cope their struggle, such as turning to drugs and avoiding their loved ones. However this way of avoidance coping keeps them chained to their past, unable to break from it and come to a resolution. It takes time for that individual to be able to face their problem and find ways to grow from it, but when they do, they are finally able to break from the past. Like James McBride in the Color of Water, he goes through a large emotional conflict that affects his relationships with others. He struggles with this emotion in his life and ends up avoiding his problems, which ultimately leads to him doing careless things. The literature exploits how McBride eventually learns from this conflict and how he uses this to model his future. In the memoir The Color of Water, James’ struggle with staying in the past creates emotional and familial complications, and he portrays to the reader that an individual must go through struggles in order to reach self-growth and maturity. The death of McBride’s stepfather, Hunter, affects his daily tasks and reduces him to taking drugs and skipping school as his way of escape coping. By avoiding his problems, he’s disconnecting himself from his family, but…

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