Essay on The Color Of The Red Door

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• In figure 1 the colors that are used are complementary colors. These colors are found opposite of each other on the color wheel, but when they are used together they complement each other. In the work you see the monochromatic color palette of blues and greens, then you look at the door and it is a reddish orange. The color of the door is complemented by the blue color palette and draws your eyes to the focus point of the work, which is the red door.
• In figure 2 the shapes that are used are organic shapes. These shapes are irregular in form and come mostly from living things, with its flowing edges. In the work it looks like a road lined with trees. You can see the sky line at the very top of the page. The organic shapes make it work representational. If it would have just been a scene of the actual picture it would have been boring. This work in particular makes you think outside the box and you do not necessarily have to see the winding road and trees. You could see something completely different, with those organic shapes making your imagination take over.
• In figure 3 you can see contour lines. This type of line helps create the shape of an object with details inside the outline of the shape. The work is of fruit, and without the contours lines and shades on the fruit it would be hard to tell what actually was there. The leaves in the upper right hand corner of the painting have the most contoured lines. The artist not only uses the contoured lines to describe…

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