The Color Choice Of Red Essay

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Before World War II began, anti-semitic propaganda posters circulated throughout Europe. The Nazis tried to reunite the German people scattered about eastern Europe from World War I, but they only wanted to reunite a specific kind of German people. The purpose of the posters was to show who they were not trying to reunite with -- German Jews. “Сатана скинув маску!” displays an image of Joseph Stalin taking off his mask. It is then revealed that he is the devil with the Star of David on his forehead. The text roughly translates to “Satan is throwing off his mask!” The poster lacks any explanation about why the Nazis targeted Jews. By analyzing the content, form, overt and subtle messages, and the intended audience of the poster above, it is clear that the Nazis utilized these posters to make Europe complicit in the Nazis’ crimes against the Jews.
The foremost formal element in this poster is the color choice of red. The color wields two meanings in this composition: Satan and communism. In Europe, religion is a powerful force. From the Crusades to the Pope, religion has been a tool utilized to bring about great change. It is no surprise, that when Germany was trying to convince the general public that the Jewish people were the enemy, they created a poster aligning the devil with Judaism. The second meaning of red, communism, is another tactic used to sway the public’s opinion to anti-semitism. Upon coming into power, Adolf Hitler banned the Communist Party of Germany.…

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