The Color Blindness By Shonda Rhimes And Spike Lee Essay

1301 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Since television has been around, there has either been a negative or false portrayal of African Americans. In the media industry, there has been a few directors and producers who have created realistic African American characters such as Shonda Rhimes and Spike Lee. In an industry that is white majority, Rhimes has been one of the few to make a large impact just like few other African American producers, however Rhimes portrays African Americans in a way that is realistic. Rhimes uses the color blindness approach when it comes to screening her characters. The character 's race is not the main focus rather it is about the relationships and their lives. She herself is well recognized for her work in creating award winning shows. Rhimes is creating a community that can be represented in other forms than the previous stereotypical ways in media. There are many shows that Rhimes has been a part of producing, for instance, Grey 's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. These shows have been shown at prime times and been awarded several times. She has broken barriers by previewing African Americans in characters that were not cultural myths or stereotypes. For instance, in the past, we have seen blacks playing roles of cooks, maids, and gangsters as a few examples. By casting her characters with a color blind method, she is giving a representation to the black community that they deserve, and many other minority groups. Kristen Warner, a researcher and assistant…

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