The Colony Collapse Disorder ( Ccd ) Essays

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Bees are a very important part of the environment, the economy, and our lives. Honey bees, along with many other types of bees, collect pollen from flowers, carry it back to their hives, and create honey to store as food. In the more modern era, bee hives have been industrialized by farmers and the farming industry in order to pollinate more crops. While bees have always been threatened by diseases, predatory bugs, and environmental stressors, a new threat has arisen. This threat is colony collapse disorder (CCD): a mysterious occurrence that affects seemingly healthy bee hives by killing the adult worker bees. While the cause of colony collapse disorder is not yet known, the main theories are that CCD is caused by a new disease, overcrowding, stress from traveling, or the increased use of pesticides. When looking at the evidence, the use of pesticides and herbicides is the most likely cause of the bee colony collapse disorder epidemic occurring all around the globe. The first records of colony collapse disorder began in the late 1900’s, though the occurrence had not been given the name “colony collapse disorder” yet (Wantanabe, 2008). People began to notice that, in some hives, all of the worker bees suddenly began to disappear. At first, only a small percentage of hives seemed to be affected. Currently, “50 to 90% of colonies in the beekeeping industries are lost due to colony collapse disorder” (Cox-Foster et al, 2007). CCD occurs when almost all of the worker…

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