The Colonization Of The United States Essay

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Going back to the timeline, after Tamanaco’s death in 1573 and Spain continuing its colonization they began to establish their presence fully. During the sixteenth and seventeenth century[JULES] the Spanish began to institute an economy that would revolve around mining for gold and raising livestock on llanos,[DEF] cities began to flourish fully, and Spain was able to control northern South America fully. The new territory was given the title of Virreinato de la Nueva Granada{Italicize} on 27 May 1717, thus creating a new period New Granada only lasted for a hundred and two years before a new emergence. But during its reign, it began forming along the coasts of Venezuela cocoa plantations with the labor done by slaves. By this time, imported slaves worked in either plantations or haciendas{ital} on llanos; the indigenous that have survived this far migrated towards the southern jungles where friars pursued an interest. Under Spanish colonization, several religious figures, Roman Catholics the most prominent one, establish mission stations. The Franciscans and Capucins especially set up missions where the natives had now based the south of Venezuela and would later be of great use during the War of Independence. During this era, Viceroyalty of New Granada ruled over the Province of Venezuela and stimulated the economy. Due to the cocoa plantations, cacao bean became one of its major exports and caused Venezuela to open its trading system with Europe. With the economy…

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