The Colonization Of North America Essays

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It is estimated that the first habitants of North America moved there from Asia. Over time, a large group of them began to slowly expand southward, occupying most of the territory we now call "United States". They came to populate a fairly large area whose main areas were the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the northeast, in the mountains and deserts of the Southwest, and the Mississippi River in the Midwest. As we can see, the main groups of early settlers of America were expanding into areas where they could carry out their main livelihood activities easily. Mainly towards the mountains where animals abound along the river and through the support of water as vital element. For the date of arrival of the first Europeans to American territory, it is estimated that there were approximately 2,000,000 natives in the territory known today as the United States. The history of the colonization of North America by Europe is colored by all kinds raids that led to the settlement of these "discoverers" throughout the territory. It is estimated that the first Europeans to arrive were Norwegian origin. They traveled due west from Greenland, where the well-known Erik the Red had founded a settlement around the year 985. The sixteenth century is regarded as the era of the Spanish explorations in America. Hence it was precisely they who forged the first European settlement in St. Augustine, part of what is now the territory of Florida. Similarly, the northern part of what is now the…

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