Essay on The Colonization Of Native Americans

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Ever since the Spanish explorers happened upon the Americas in 1492, there has been a large amounts of violence that occurred between the Native Americans and the European settlers. The subject of the brutal confrontation has been widely talked of for several reasons; one of them being was the violence avoidable? It put it simply, no the violence was inevitable. The European settlers and their American descendants kept the Native Americans under their thumbs, unabling them to defend their rights and home. The Natives didn’t have to fight back, but a peaceful protest would have ended in even more casualties than what had already occurred. People are only able to withstand so much abuse until they break and fight back. There is two sides to every story, both have truths and bias. The brutality between the settlers and the Natives were no different. Before, the Europeans came to the Americans the population of Native americans is unclear since most tribes did not have a written language, some say it was as high as 112 million and other say it was around 8 million people. Subsequently, by 1650 the Native American population dropped below 6 million. This being said, the biggest killer of the Natives was not injures or battles, but disease, specifically smallpox was the most deadly. Overall, disease killed around 90% of the Native American population. However this did not mean there was a lack of men-on-men violence.
In particular, land was something that was often fought…

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