Essay The Colonization Of A Country

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To the colonizer, the effort of transforming a country until it no longer seems unfamiliar can be recognized as noble, the lesser culture has been converted into a mirror image of their own great civilization. To the culture being dominated this mirror is most similar to one you would find at a carnival; they look into it and see a twisted, hardly recognizable version of what they once were. The colonization of a country by a greater power impacts the internal culture of the country not only through the loss of their national identity but by the decimation of the language, art, and core philosophy that once held their people together. As England proceeded to attempt to strip Ireland of its identity and use it for economic gain the Irish and Anglo-Irish writers of the time used their literature to push Nationalism, in an effort to gather together those who had a common background, language, and religion, in order to regain control of their nation. Postcolonialism theory can be seen through the female figures these writers created, who act as a metaphor for Ireland as a nation and demonstrate how the voice of the country was unheard by the masses.. In literature such as James Joyce’s The Dead and Elizabeth Bowen’s The Last September the reader meets women who represent the struggle of upholding the Irish culture during a time of English influence. The females struggle to hold their ground and define their sense of being. Their voices remain unheard, a difficulty that can be…

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