The Colonies And New England Colonies Essay

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Considering that the Chesapeake Colonies and New England Colonies were so close, but yet so far away, their differences were majorly drastic considering majority of the settlers came from the same places. The main areas they lacked similarity were in their economical views, social class standards, genealogy focuses, and age/health concerns. It is crazy to think that since bulk of the settlers in the colonies were from the same general areas, yet when it came to their daily lives their views like day and night because they were so different. It sometimes made the northern New England Colonies butt heads with the southern Chesapeake Colonies, however the colonies still rose together to thrive in the long run. They stuck together on a long journey to become one, but no matter what they still had their differences. The economy in the Chesapeake settlement were predominantly ran by the large plantation owners. These upper class farmers were called upon when the town needed to make decisions. If you were a farmer with large acreage, hundreds of unfree slaves, and grew cash crops then you were considered part of the upper class. In the New England colonies the economy was primarily ran by small farmers, merchants, and artisans throughout the towns. There were very few large plantations up north simply because there was no need for it. Trading was more dominate up north, which the New England colonies took advantage of. This huge middle class ran the economy up north. Even though…

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