The Colonial Period Essay

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Social power is defined as having full advantaged to social, cultural, and economic resources without being penalized for using it in corrupt or immoral ways. In the case of the colonial period, it was crucial to have such power structures in order to create forms of racial discrimination against others. The first settlers, also known as the colonists, were eventually given full control over parcels and ways to get rid off other ethnic groups, such as the Cherokees. Colonists used this supremacy in a malicious matter and without remorse for destroying the lives of Native Americans, which once tried to aid the firsts colonists into getting accustomed to the crops and weather. One type of power that was given to use in full advantage was the Trail of Tears, this being the removal of all tribes. Another type being the institutionalization of Black slavery. The last type is how the social class was an additional form of power. It is important to know that without power none of these systems of oppression would of worked. They would have eventually failed, even with all the manpower, and we would not have been in the same social construct that is the modern United States.
First form of power used deleteriously was the Trail of Tears that occurred from 1838 to 1939. This Indian removal policy was put into place after the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which was created during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. It granted the federal government the right to forcefully relocate many…

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