Essay on The Colonial Period And The Revolutionary Era

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An American person as a whole has two distinct historical periods that define his or her origin in the United States. American history is marked importantly by two historical eras, namely, the Colonial Period and the Revolutionary era. Furthermore, this has, therefore, made the United States a repository of two major forces: the immigrants from Europe with diverse cultures, ideas, and nationalities as well as the great impact of the new country that modified these diverse European national traits. The Colonial Period in the seventeenth century was evidently marked by the coming of colonialists from England resulting in the emergence of careful management and planning. Virginia and Massachusetts were the first two colonies to be founded by the chartered companies that acquired their funds from private investors and used them to equip colonists, provide transport, and even maintain them. Similarly, the Revolutionary era dates back to the 1760s to 1770s when the American people were in need of independence. The emergence of two influential revolutionary figures in the 1770’s, Jefferson and Paine, contributed much towards the independence of America through their great influential writings. Therefore, the focus of this particular essay is to discuss pertinently American melting pot and America as a Christian nation.
American Melting Pot
The United States of America has traditionally been referred to as a melting pot that consequently connotes to a blend of many diverse cultures,…

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