The Colombian Exchange : A Biological Transformation Through The Movement Of Disease And People Between Africa, Europe,

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The Colombian exchange was a biological transformation through the movement of disease and people between Africa, Europe, and the Americas. This transfer first occurred with Christopher Columbus 's sailors, and over time, the Americas transformed from European imports of domesticated animals, and Eurasian grain. Mercantilism shaped this exchange because economic markets in Europe, Africa, and the Americas had more exports than imports in order to achieve more economic success, resulting in higher transfers of foreign biological goods.

The first permanent American colony, Jamestown, had several hindrances that caused them to struggle in its early years. Firstly, the Virginia Company only sent unskilled men to extract gold from the lands, only to find no gold. Without any skills to support themselves, more than half of their colonists died from a lack of fresh water, and they refused to plant crops. Although the Virginia Company sent more colonists to Jamestown, diseases began to kill off more of the colonists. Furthermore, colonists failed to create a trusting relationship with the Natives, which didn’t help their situation in any way.

At first, the original economic goal of the Virginia Company was to extract tribute from the natives, and gold from the land in order to make a quick profit. When the first settlers came, the Natives expected a mutual relationship in which they traded among the colonists, and they would live as a community within his chiefdom.…

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