Essay The College Survival Guide Project

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The purpose of the College Survival Guide Project is to create your very own personalized book that will guide you throughout your four years at IU East. The College Survival Guide Project will be graded on the on completeness, professionalism, originality, presentation and on-time submission.

Each student will work individually and collectively to complete this project. Students will be responsible for a interviewing various IU East faculty and/or staff person. Over the next few weeks we will work together on this project. No late assignment will be accepted.

Let’s begin:

Mission Statement:
Develop a unique statement regarding what you expect or hope to benefit from your time spent in college. (This is a purposeful insertion as to what you individually expect to gain from your college career. This section must be at least 1-3 sentences, possibly more. Also, this section must be completed alone, and please put some serious thought into this statement.

Foreword: TBD by a member of the teaching instructor staff or that of the mentor.

Message from the Director (200 words)


This is where you will thank someone in your life that is inspirational to your college plan, please include a brief statement of why this person is important to you, so again this is done by you alone.

Part 1 Campus Resources: (class project)

My Indiana University East

This is a class project, identify all of the resources on IU East campus, and…

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