The College Retention Rate Is An Issue For Community Colleges Across The United States

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The opportunity to attend college is a privilege, giving purpose and knowledge to those who seek it. Often students start out on that path and for numerous reasons they stray and may not follow their college education to completion. The college retention rate has been an issue for community colleges across the United States, including St. Johns River State College. Therefore, Alpha Xi Eta’s college project focused on raising awareness of the importance of completing a college education and providing those students with the tools and information they needed to achieve this goal. The Community College Commit to Complete Project (C4) perfectly meshed with the needs of our campus and soon became an important focus for our chapter.

To get started we scheduled a meeting with the Vice President for Academic Affairs/CAO and Executive Director, SAC to discuss the college’s goals and ideas on how to implement a college project that would work towards that goal. This meeting gave us guidance and direction to get our project off the ground. Some of the items we decided upon included a scavenger hunt, posting signs across campus and setting up booths at different college events. At the leadership conference, we asked headquarters to send us a starter kit for the C4 Project. This kit contained a banner for students to sign as well as pledge cards they could keep. We planned to advertise the project to students at the upcoming events like Club Rush, National Student Day, and Fall…

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