The College Persistence Of Men And Women Essay

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The two essays given for review are Similarities and Differences in the College Persistence of Men and Women, by Karen Leppel and Validation Experiences and Persistence among Community College Students, by Elisabeth A. Barnett. In reviewing essays to summarize, I found it difficult to find examples which addressed the middle of the middle class. Therefore, the essays which were chosen may provide increased understanding why some students do not continue higher education until completion. Understanding factors which determine persistence may provide methods where Higher Education can invest thereby increasing college completion of students. Karen Leppel in her research is titled, Similarities and Differences in the College Persistence of Men and Women, suggested that college persistence varies with gender and her study examined student persistence until degree completion. Colleges may be taking seeking nontraditional students. Consequently, they may have lower persistence than traditional students. Understanding factors in persistence is necessary for individuals since normally they earn more than those who do not finish school. Persistence is important for higher educational facilities. Education dollars can be more efficiently spent retaining students than recruiting new students. Besides, keeping students is more cost effective than attracting a new student. Many institutions have encouraged older nontraditional students to return to school, and older…

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