The College Of Central Florida Essay

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Market Analysis


The College of Central Florida was established in 1957 with a vision to improve the educational opportunities in the counties of Marion, Citrus and Levy. The campus is located between downtown Ocala, Florida and Interstate 75. The college has grown and has multiple satellite campuses serving communities throughout Citrus and Levy counties. The college provides a wide variety of Associate, Baccalaureate and certificate programs to meet the needs of any prospective student. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the college is ranked 20th in affordability and has one of the best student to teacher ratios in Florida with an average of 28 students to each teacher. In 2010, the college started to offer bachelor’s degree programs across multiple majors that has helped establish it as one of the premier colleges in the tri-county area (CF, n.d.a).
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Risk of entry by potential competitors. The College of Central Florida has a high risk of potential competitors in the market. These competitors could be other colleges expanding into the area or the further expansion of online colleges across the United States. The extensive federal, state regulations and restrictive accreditation processes help protect the market shares of colleges from new entrants. According to the Florida Department of Education (2016), the College of Central Florida is part of the Florida college system that includes the 28 public colleges…

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