The College Application Process Is Very Stressful For All Students

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The college application process is very stressful for all students. A key source of stress is from all the standardized testing taking that is required as an upperclassman. The SAT is a very common test that almost all college students took and then submitted their scores to colleges. There is too much pressure to test high so being accepted into college will be easier, but does it really matter? Is the SAT still important?
The Scholastic Aptitude Test or better known as the SAT has been around since the Roaring Twenties. Although it has been criticized to be a disadvantage towards specific social groups, it has been used to admit more than two thousand students to college each year (Lorts). Ths SAT obviously has some importance in college admissions because of the popularity growth in the past few years. Some students might feel like this is the most important part of applying to college, but for others, this might not be that important to them. In March 2016, the SAT scoring scale decreased from 2400 to 1600. “For instance, if a student earned a score of 1100 on the new SAT, out of a maximum 1600, that would correspond to a score of 1020 on the math and critical reading sections of the old SAT.” There were four sections in the old SAT and only two required sections (math and “‘evidence-based reading and writing’” that is scored on a scale of 800 (Anderson). Some articles believe that the SAT is an inaccurate assessment for success in college. William Hiss believes…

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