The College Application Process Is A Stressful One Essay

1493 Words Dec 4th, 2015 6 Pages
The college application process was a stressful one. Having to worry about different deadlines for different pieces of paperwork for different schools, all while attending eight hours of school every day got to be a bit overwhelming. During this time I was repeatedly putting my accomplishments over the past several years on applications, but never during this time did I ever question how I came to point I was at. I was so caught up in things that I had done, neglecting how I had done them, or what forces had played a part in my completion of them. The most notable of all my ignorance however was that I did not realize how the journey towards each and every one of my accomplishments had affected me and helped guide me to where I was at this crucial time in my life. Unbeknownst to me at the time, there were so many aspects of the journey that were out of my control. I had been affected by several agents of socialization, which are individuals or groups that had an effect on my growth. The agents of socialization that had effects on me were my family, my friends and my school system. Until looking back on it, I had no idea just how great an effect that they had on me going to college. It’s easy to see from an outsider’s point of view how a parent may have an effect on a child growing up, but analyzing these effects from a sociological perspective produces more information than looking at simple good or bad parenting. Regarding the effects that they had on how I got…

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