The Collapse Of The Aztec Empire Essay

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The Aztec built a powerful empire that became a dominant and formidable force. The empire supported an enormous population, encompassed a vast territory and yielded an abundance of precious metals and other natural resources. Several factors contributed to the overall success of the empire including an ideal geographical location and a social hierarchy that imposed law and order. To maintain such a vast domain the Aztec had to employ tactics that included domination and subjugation of enemy forces and an enormous slave population, as well as the organization of resources necessary to support an empire. The collapse of the Aztec Empire came relatively swiftly at the hands of a small but menacing force of Spanish conquistadors, who had set their sights on invading the territory, displace the indigenous leaders, and seize their immense reserve of gold. The downfall of the Aztec centered on ineffective leadership, internal conflicts, susceptibility to germ warfare and a history of brutality against their enemies. The Spanish were able to use the Aztec’s shortcomings to their advantage and employ their own superior armaments to vanquish their opponents and claim new lands in the name of the Spanish monarchy.
The successful rise of the mighty Aztec Empire can largely be contributed to their geographic location. The empire was located in the Valley of Mexico where the terrain allowed them to dominate neighboring tribes via access points that led in and out of the valley in every…

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