The Collapse Of America During The Great Depression

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The Collapse of the Great Nation During the economic boom of the twenties, traditional values of America wore out and, now faced with jazz age, women smoking, drinking, and wearing short shorts. The average American were busy sending their hard earned money on automobiles, household appliance, and the guessing game of the stock market, where big money was made. Those in the American dream howere bought their good with credit. As more and more products came out the more people were in debt, suddenly the economy couldn 't sustain itself any longer. On October 29, 1929 also known as “Black Tuesday” the stock market crashed triggering The Great Depression, the worst economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world. The crash affected …show more content…
Many people desperately went out to fix their financial troubles through ways of illegal gambling, drug trafficking, or even petty crimes, people had no remorse because it was a choice of surviving or dying in a back alley. Many of the people that resorted to petty theft did so as a way of putting food on the table for their families. Women facing hard times during the depression would prostitute themselves on the streets in order to pay their bills and provide for their families ( A article during the great depression talks about how women were able to make a living from prostitution. In one of the paragraph it stated “In a good house with 10 to 15 customers per day per girl, it is not uncommon to gather up five extra dollars. This is handy because it covers our laundry bill and payment for two meals per day.” (Ken Magazine 1938, 85). A study done in New York showed us that there was direct relationship between the rise of crime and rise in unemployment. S. Lewis E. Lawes, a Warden during the Great Depression in the State of New York once stated, “frequently the man with too much pride to join the breadlines oversteps the bounds of the law rather than starve or see his family suffer” (1931, 13). This demonstrated that people leaded towards crime when they fell into miserable economic times. People during The Great Depression needed to provide for their families, many people went to crime to seek an

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