The Collaborator Of Bethlehem Book Analysis

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Socrates, a famous Greek philosopher, published his beliefs and inspired the youth of Greece with his ideas about the motivating factors that affect human happiness. The beliefs that Socrates held later led to his induction into martyrdom. Bethlehem, a city known to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ and a Palestinian town, is an essential factor within the war between Israel and Palestine as it is a scared place to religious peoples such as Christians and Muslims. Since Bethlehem is an important location to many religions, there is a large amount of religious diversity in the city, but a life in the city comes with a lot of violence. In the novel The Collaborator of Bethlehem by Matt Beynon Rees, different opinions of martyrdom are represented …show more content…
In the novel there is very little understanding between the religions in Bethlehem. The religions used to coincide in peace, but now there is so much violence in the region that any excuse can be used to turn against one another. When George sees Omar while he is in prison, George explains, “Christian villages are overrun by new Muslim residents, and instead of living together in tranquility, it becomes a bad place for Christians” (Rees 93). There is no longer peace in the region and there is so much violence and hatred between all of the religions living there in the novel that it appears that there may be no way to end the conflict. In addition, there is so much violence and corruption because of the Martyrs Brigade, a violent terror group in Bethlehem, that there is too much fear amongst the people and the government to stand up to the group. To Omar Yussef Habib Saba says, “He’s a Christian, an outsider. Even the other Christians will be frightened to stand up for him. He is alone, as all Christians are when they come up against the authority in our town” (Rees 73). This example demonstrates the fear that other Christians have because they do not want what happened to George to happen to them, since it easily could. There is so much hatred towards Christians in Bethlehem that they feel the need to hide in the shadows and stay out of the way. Even the government is afraid of the terror groups in Bethlehem and will not stand up against them, even though they know what is happening is wrong. Among all of the violence in Bethlehem, Christians receive the worst of the discrimination in Bethlehem because the city is laden with

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