The Cold War Essay

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The entire world was almost destroyed during the Cuban Missile Crisis as the U.S. and Soviet Union were mere inches away from a nuclear war. Many people lived in fear all over the world as families were separated by the Berlin Wall, men as young as 18 drafted into combat, and the advancement of nuclear weapons. The Cold War was a very significant portion of both American and World History. Lasting nearly 47 years, 1945-1991, this competition for world dominance by the Democratic United States (U.S) and Totalitarian Soviet Union brought high tensions throughout the entire world. This included Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East because they were affected by foreign policies. In the United States, a counterculture emerged, opposing all typical American values, as a result of the tragedies in Vietnam from the Cold War (TCW.) Many resorted to building fallout shelters in case of bombings as the tensions of the Arms Race, the advancement of Nuclear weapons, continued. Americaʻs capitalist economy stayed in a dangerous state as they grew in debt from spending more money than what they had on military defense. In the Soviet Union, they were being domestically divided by the Iron Curtain between political capitalist and communist beliefs. Many were trapped on the communist side of the Berlin Wall, which separated East and West Berlin. From all the military spending, both the U.S. and Soviet Union realized that the war made it strenuous to resolve the difficulties in their…

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