Essay about The Cold War

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The fact that there was no need for a unity between the two sides after WW2 meant that the Cold War emerged. The original cooperation was because of the common goal to defeat fascism and Gaddis describes it as “a single planet shared by superpowers who shared the means of wiping each other out – but who now also shared an interest in each other’s survival.” Geoffrey Roberts further backs up this point as he states that it was “period of cooperation, not confrontation.” Both the West and Russia realised that they needed each other in order to beat fascism and Hitler. Without the USSR 's troops and the West’s funding Germany may have been successful. However, once the war had ended and the fascism threat was dealt with the superpowers continued their fight against one another for ideological dominance.

The forcing of ideologies onto countries also meant that in 1948/49 the Cold War had its first major crisis through the Berlin airlift. After WWII Berlin had been divided into four sectors and was centred in East Germany and therefore was isolated from Western Germany. The Russians blocked links to Berlin believing that the US and British would surrender control to the Russians. This led to them setting up the Berlin airlift a non-stop supply of food, drink, and medical supplies to Berlin to keep the city from falling. Although this wasn 't close to becoming a full blown out war, it still raised tensions as the Russians fought to assert their ideologies onto Berlin. This…

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