Essay about The Cold War On American Society

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The Cold War brought a powerful impact and anxiety towards the American Society between 1945 to 1975. The Cold War developed due to the opposite values between the United States and Soviet Union. The United States represented "capitalism, free market, private enterprise, individual liberty, and open political system"(Lecture#10). While the Soviet Union beliefs were "communism, state planning, state enterprise, community good, single party/limits on dissent" (Lecture#10). The United States and Soviet Union are both powerful nations in the World. The Cold War was different from other wars by the United States or Soviet Union did not send soldiers to go fight on their land. Instead this war was a competition by seeing which nation was better than the other with technological, politics, and economy. Even though the United States or Soviet Union did not going battle there was some warfare from the proxy wars. The Cold War affected the American Society in various ways by the federal government growing and increased spending, the cultural and politics in American lives, and the start of different movements in America. The Cold War affected the federal government by the growth and increased spending in America. When Americans noticed that World War II ended the depression people started to worry about when the war ended if the depression would return. Due the the economic depression concern the American government was committed to merge with European and Asian nations into…

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