The Cold War On American Culture Essay

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The Cold War was the name of the relationship of the events that occurred between Russia and the United States after World War II. Did the Cold War drive the economy or was the economy a response to the Cold War? The United States economy thrived off of the Cold War yet other countries economies varied. During the Cold War The United States was said to have became the global consumer of last resort export goods. The Cold War had a huge effect on American culture. The Cold War did indeed stimulate and help the economy.

There were many reasons why the Cold War began, some of these reasons are American fear of communist attack, President Truman’s and his dislike of Stalin, Russia 's fear of America 's atomic bomb also had an impact on the start of the Cold War, Russia 's fear of an American nuclear attack and of course America 's fear of a nuclear attack from Russia. There were many reasons as to why the Cold War began but there is no country that is specifically responsible. America and its allies struggled to keep the communist, Soviet Union from expanding into Europe, Asia, and Africa. The long-term causes of the Cold War are clear, democracies had always been hostile and had feared the idea of a communist state. There were more short term causes to the Cold War than long term causes but the long term causes had more of an effect.

In the U.S. before the war, the New Deal policies created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt 's administration had shown to be rather successful.…

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