The Cold War On America Essay

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The Cold War had a very influencing impact on several different events that occurred in our society as a whole. Many antagonist beliefs occurred during this war because the Soviet Union practiced communism and authoritarianism while the Americans believed in capitalism and democracy. These two ruling supremacies worked together but also had a continuous conflict after the conclusion of WWII. The Soviet leader was Josef Stalin. Stalin was seen as another “Hitler” for intention to control all of Europe. This conflict was what initially started the Cold War. An example of communist expansionism being stopped by the Americans was during the two major wars of the Vietnam and Korean War. Although these two wars had major impacts on our country, the Cold War had more of an influence on our life as Americans politically and economically. There were ups and downs put on American life from the conclusion of this major war. However, they helped make America the amazing country it is to this day. Now I will talk about some of the key events that happened after WWII during the Cold War. American’s vision started to take place at the beginning of the Cold War with Kennan’s Long Telegram. Each side started with strategies to use to defeat their opponent’s threats. Stalin felt he was at more a disadvantage because of the American monopoly on nuclear weapons that was placed on the Soviet Union. The United States thought that Stalin, the Soviet leader, strived towards world…

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