The Cold War On America And Soviet Union Essay

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The Cold War is fascinating because it could have been World War III. The tension between the U.S. and the Russians was nail-biting and extremely dangerous. But people fail to realize how much further one can go into the whole situation. All the things about the political side, spies, strategies, scandals, and the possible nuclear war. Also, what was Russia’s point of view on the Cold War? What needs to be clarified is the immense cultural effects that the War had on America/Soviet Union and how it shaped them to who they are today, what kind of decisions were made on the political side of this conflict, and how America and the S.U. fought indirectly despite being a “cold” war. Eisenhower needed to make decisions during the Cold War that were not very easy to make. January 5, 1957, Eisenhower had called for a new American policy which later became known as the Eisenhower Doctrine. This move had been made because of the increase in Arab hostility toward the West. He asked for $200 million for military and economic aid in 1958 and 59. This action would dissuade Communists from causing trouble in the Middle East. What Eisenhower feared was that his move had allowed Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser to spread his policies and form an alliance with Jordan and Syria. The first real test was in 1958 Lebanon. Camille Chamoun, Lebanon’s President, asked for US troops to come and protect them from political rivals. Eisenhower sent over 15,000 troops to Lebanon.…

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