The Cold War Is A Best Place For The Rising Of The Spy Essay

1350 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
Have ever you imagine that your life will become dangerous all the time?
You have to be very careful with anything or anyone that you see on the street or even in your lovely house. You can not have a good sleep because of someone will kill you or steal your secret information during you sleeping. And you always have to ideological struggle that you should betrayed the country and have a great life in the place the you work on or still doing your job and make your country proud of you. That is a life of a spy, an intelligent person that serve for the country in silence to get the very important for their country to win the battle. Thanks for the spy novel that brought us the sight of the spy life. Especially during cold war, the rising of the spy novel are very strongly that everybody during that time had read one or more spy novel. The Cold War is a best place for the rising of the spy novel.
In general, spy novel is a genre of literature that involving with the politic that the government secretly send their people into their enemy countries to get information and make the government become weaker. This genre raised during the early twenty centuries. The easy way to define a spy novels is the turning of the good character to the bad character and the term “Betrayal” are using a lot in the spy novel too. This genre mostly reflect the rivalry of two or more countrie that try to become better that each other. With the interesting and logically plot. Also it is brought to the…

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