Essay on The Cold War Era America

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During the cold war era America was going through many peaks and valleys. Lynn was going through many of those during this time between war and life at home. With the major fear of the draft that isn’t mention much in the textbook it created much fear at home that parents would lose there boys to the war. Also she describes the first person view that is lost in textbooks today. Lynn Dutcher was a Washington born women born in 1933. Since the west coast was heavily involved in the Cold war that meant there was much history going on when she was growing up through this time. Because of Lyndon B. Johnson 's “Great society” his administration “The law lifted severe restrictions on immigration from Asia and gave preference to immigrants with family ties in the United States and immigrants with desirable skills” (29.2). She recalls seeing the immigrants showing up in the bay she said the Russian immigrants come over in “large ships” and they would all be dressed up in suites. Although she said there wasn 't many she said that there was plenty of Asian immigrants fleeing their home county. When the Asian immigrants came over she said the most memorable thing was that the cats and dogs around the neighborhoods would start disappearing. Implying that they would take the animals and eat them because that was culturally acceptable from where they were from. The difference in looks also scarred her, She said that some of them would scare kids because they thought that they…

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