The Cold War During World War Two Essay

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To start with, the cold war was long period of disputes between the west world and communist countries of Eastern Europe. The cold war didn’t happen long after world war two ended in 1945. They Soviets (USSR) did end up winning the war. In this paper I will be explaining the reasons why I chose that the United States (US) was responsible for causing the cold war. In addition I will be giving you examples and reasons why I believe those examples are relivate to the idea of containment. Containment is the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits. Furthermore, I will be listing a few of the Soviets accomplishments.
Cold war causes During World war two, the United States and The Soviet Union stood aside each other and were allies during the fight of Nazi, Germany and other Axis powers. However, when world war two ended many problems arose. The United States and Soviet Union had a disagreement about their countries. The soviet had different political and economic views than United States. The soviets believed in communism where factories and farms or mines are owned by the public and everyone is equal and nobody is richer than anyone else. On the other hand United States believed in capitalism where everything Is privately owned instead of the government taking all the money the owner or company makes they kept for themselves and isn’t divided with the everyone The cold wars was named “cold” because they never fought each other in a…

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