The Cold War During World War II Essay

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The Cold War is a war unlike any other that if a person would ask different historians or people who lived during the time what it was, that person would get so many different and varied answers. Fear and hysteria dominated the public and political atmosphere during the time after World War II because of the start of a conflict that what was to be called the Cold War. This war dragged on for decades lasting from 1945 to 1991 when the Soviet regime finally fell. It was an unusual war that saw both sides trying to cautiously avoid an all-out war that neither side wanted at all. Both sides at different times brought it in very close reach of war but they knew how catastrophic that would be for both sides. This confrontation was mainly between the United States of America and Soviet Union, two of the greatest powers in the world at the time. Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviets while Harry S. Truman was the president at the beginning and saw each subsequent president tackling the issue as well. It is an unusually hard task trying to pinpoint the exact reason why this conflict started in the first place. There are so many varied opinions, documents, eyewitnesses, and so many other things a person can look at to find the answer. To find the exact origins of the Cold War, a person must take into account the events of World War II, the ideology of each country with the leader’s motives, the laws passed, and the public opinion to get a well-rounded picture of why it…

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