Essay about The Cold War During World War II

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Is there really only one superpower now? Because the Cold War is still on! Although in the past, the Cold War still prevails as an important and ever enduring conflict between major countries. As time progresses and technology advances, warfare will change while still maintaining similarities. The nuclear Cold War between two superpowers – the USSR and US – after World War II, characterized by a nuclear weapon arms race, will transition to a three-way cold war characterized by cyber warfare. Nuclear weapons will still serve as a backdrop, as Russia, the US, and China currently revamps their nuclear arsenals. As the definition of warfare changes, the new cold war, while not yet officially titled, will manifest itself in three aspects of geopolitical interactions: economy, infrastructure, and military.
Throughout World War II, countries that would have otherwise been prospective adversaries united against the Axis Power. While both the Soviet Union and the United States allied during this time, tensions ran high and the relationship between the two remained stressed. Soviet communism and Joseph Stalin’s tyrannical leadership made the US wary, while the US’s refusal to accept the USSR as a part of the international community and its delayed entrance into World War II made Russia resent the US. Once the war ended, the distrust began to spiral between the two states through a series of events, eventually leading to the Cold War. In the Cold War, the US and USSR fought through a…

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