The Cold War During The Soviet Union Essay

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Between the years of 1947 and 1991 the Soviet Union and the United States remained in a long period of tension known as The Cold War. This conflict unfolded in a series of intermediary wars such as the Space Race and Arms Race. The Cold War provoked profound changes in United States infrastructure and military, the education system and the overall atmosphere throughout society. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed due to their economic failure and their approach to the Space Race. This marked the end to the long waged Cold War.
The major changes in the United States caused by the Cold War began with rapid military and infrastructure development. Due to the growing danger and likelihood of Soviet aggression in the United States, the government began to improve their infrastructure and defense systems. In October of 1956 the Saturday Evening Post (Doc. 4) published an article that discussed the National System of Interstate and Defense highways. These roads were designed to prevent traffic jams that would block off roads needed to reach industrial and defensive areas. Historical Tables on the United States budget ,(Doc. 9), asserts in 1960, 52% of America’s overall budget went towards the United States Defense. This amount was nearly double the percentage spent in previous years, but America had not yet engaged in war. This significant increase in military expenditures was a direct response to the rising threat of Soviet aggression. As the United States Defense…

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