The Cold War By John Lewis Gaddis Essay

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The Cold War by John Lewis Gaddis John Gaddis puts a very interesting thesis into play on the cold war perspective. Gaddis’s thesis has the equity needed to truly understand the cold war. His thesis fearlessly states that the Soviets and the Americans are both the cause of the Cold War. The Soviets and Americans both wanted a way of life they thought was better and their was a geopolitical struggle between the two countries.Gaddis shows that the Cold War was a war of idealistic opinions and the struggle for power. His thesis can be proven through focusing on some of the leaders he spoke about throughout his book. Gladdis first supported his thesis when he spoke of Roosevelt, Truman, and Stalin. Stalin wanted communism and the domination of Europe. Stalin had strongly suggested that wartime expenditures in blood and treasure should determine who got what, this would give the Soviet Union a boost to control Europe. Gladdis used an interesting map to show that the Soviet Union already owned a large portion of land, but they wanted more.Roosevelt, on the other hand, wanted capitalism. Sadly, Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945; Truman then became president. Roosevelt’s demand for capitalism transferred over to Truman, whom also strongly believed in capitalism. The desire for different ideologies caused a few problems between Roosevelt, Truman and Stalin. The first issue was the Yalta Conference. This conference was held because America and Great Britain desired for the Soviet’s…

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