The Cold War Between The United States And The Soviet Union Essay

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The Cold War started in 1947, the war was between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The war was fueled by the difference in belief and freedom of the people in a nation. The Soviets wanted to spread communist government over the world and the Americans wanted to spread the concept of a capitalist government across the world. The two opinions on how the world should be run caused tension between these two superpowers. Even though there was tension between these two nations they never fought each other on a battlefield because both nations have nuclear weapons and if they went to war they would wipe each other off the face of the earth. However, the Vietnam War did heat up the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. This event brought social turmoil to the streets of the United States, as the nation’s military went all in to defeat the communist forces in Vietnam.

During Lyndon B. Johnson presidency the American people wanted the war in the beginning, then later people protested against the war but some people still supported the war efforts. In the early years of the war, Americans were in support of the war. This might have been because On January 8, 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson said in his State of the Union address that, “we shall neither act as aggressors nor tolerate acts of aggression. We intend to bury no one, and we do not intend to be buried”(118). People in America believed what the President had to say because he…

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