The Cold War And The Truman Doctrine Essay

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Many doctrines were created because of the events during the Cold War and the Truman Doctrine was one of them. Before the doctrines were created, the U.S. had relations with other countries, but not all were positive, which led to their creation. Over the years, the relations since the creations of the doctrines have changed and improved with other countries. The doctrines did have an effect on the area since it was announced during the Cold War. There is a chance that the doctrine had an intended effect on changing the behavior of a country. The Truman Doctrine was created in 1947 to try to stop the spread of communism from the Soviet Union. Soviet Union was trying to spread it influence into other countries. The global events heading up to the formation of the Truman doctrine was that the British was running out of money to continue to help Greece in the civil war against Communists, and there was a fear of Turkey not being able to resist pressure from the Soviet Union as they try to expand into the Mediterranean area. There was also a fear that with coming out of WWII, many countries were drained of money and resources, they would not have been about to resist Communism spreading and Soviet Union was working on pulling more countries into their control by making them satellites. Under the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan was created to give countries aid to help rebuild after WWII. According to Woolsey (2008), about 17 nations requested the aid and about $13 billion…

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