The Cold War And The Soviet War Essay

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The Cold War was a state of political antagonism between countries categorized by intimidations, propaganda, and other processes that don’t include violence and open warfare. A rivalry between the US and the USSR was created through their race to spread their ideas and influence to other countries across the globe with the US being the Capitalist superpower and the USSR being the contending communist power. Policies of America during the time of the Cold War reflect the time when communism was an active threat to the country and politics were affected immediately by the Cold War. National security was also immediately affected by the Cold War and America saw a divide between its people on the correct response; either be militarily aggressive or to support peace to save national security and stop the passive aggressive fight of this Cold War. In addition, the revelation of soviet spies, KGB, in America hurt America’s image leading to the US making a priority of maintaining an image of strength and superiority, which directly impacted US society. Lastly, America’s economy was immediately affected which had domino effect on the rest of the world as the rest of the world saw a shift from centrally-directed to market based economies. The Cold War created immediate and lasting impacts on American society, national security, economy, and politics with effects to other parts of the world as well.
The Cold War impacted American society and culture both short-term with the changes in…

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