The Cold War And The Soviet Union Essay example

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The Cold War occurred after the traumatic events of World War 2, that lasted almost 50 years, beginning in 1945 and lasting through 1991. Even though, the United States and the Soviet Union were allies during World War 2, political tensions arose between the two nations that resulted in the production of nuclear weaponry, space race, and wars against communism that led to positive results such as improved space technology, defensive weapons, and end of communism to several countries. When World War 2 ended, political tensions could not have been prevented as United States was under the presidential term of President Truman and the Soviet Union was a nation under a tyrannical leader, Joseph Stalin. Since the Soviet Union is a communist country, Americans were wary of them, since they might influence other countries to become communist as well. President Truman believed that the Soviet Union wishes to outrank the United States and become the better nation, thus having a political control of the world. In the statement declared by Truman, also known as the Truman Doctrine, he stated that as the president of the United States, he would help any country that wants to get rid of communism. These two nations, not only distrust each other, but they are the top two strongest countries in the world, increasing their sense of competitiveness in the space race and nuclear war. It is not only distrust, but fear of losing to one another or being attacked and invaded. The nuclear race or…

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