The Cold War And The Soviet Union Essay

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The Cold War is noted as the struggle between two of the world’s superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, who are both trying to expand their spheres of influence. The government provided large sums of money for the defense industry and the American public was constantly in fear of a nuclear attack launched by the Soviets. The conflict can be viewed as an ideological confrontation between the democratic United States and the communist Soviet Union resulting in a peaceful ending, or a comfortable situation for both nations involved and the fact that it ended did no favors for the United States, but actually hurt it.
The peaceful ending of the Cold War marked a great triumph for the United States because it proved freedom outlasts the practice of authoritarianism, nuclear weapons became less of a threat by the end, and it displayed the flaws of looking at politics as a science. Gaddis mentioned the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan (p. 324) and how they worked to promote freedom and not communism. These plans worked when vulnerable countries were threatened by authoritarianism after the end of the war because of their weak economies. Although communism may have been appealing at the time to all of the poor and hungry people with the promise of jobs for everyone, it would have lead them down the road of despair because a communist economy cannot keep up with capitalism. Throughout the Cold War, there was a threat of a nuclear war because both the United States and…

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