The Cold War And Space Exploration Essay

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My research is deductive reasoning, because I’ll start with the general idea of the relation of the cold war and space exploration as a whole and will work my way in figuring out why those reasons of competition then union amongst the powerful nations of the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States.

The Cold War cause a terrible fear between the United States and the Soviet Union and competition, but what was it that caused that. Effects of the Cold War included competition between the nations whether they were weapons, marine technology, aviation technology, space, etc. What was also what caused the end of it and what relationship do they have today.
So what exactly was the the cause of the Cold War and what exactly ended it? Why was Space exploration one of the main issues in the Cold War? The Cold War started after the United States and the Soviets fought together as allies against the Axis powers in World War II. Since the end of the war, the United States became wary of the communist advance and Joseph Stalin’s dictatorship. The war ended after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Space was one of the issues, because they wanted to show technological superiority, so Russia launched Sputnik which made Americans fear the Soviets that they may send nuclear missiles into the United States which made Americans see space as the new frontier.
Not only detente was the only reason that ended the cold war, but there were other factors that ended it like the fall of the…

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