Essay on The Cold War : An Important Aspect Of The Modern World

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The cold war has helped to shape and develop the modern world that we know and live in today. The cold war started after the Second World War and was a time of political conflict between mainly the US and the Soviet Union with propaganda and threats being more prominent than direct warfare. The cold war was a time of rebellion, reform and communism in which many new ideas were formed, country relationships were created and destroyed, and new technologies were developed. The cold war is an important aspect of our history as it helped to shape the world that we live in today and is still having as significant impacting on aspects of our society today.
Firstly, the cold war was a time of reform and produced many new political and humanitarian ideas concerned with the governing of a country. The enemy of a democratic society is a communist society and that is exactly why the two superpowers the United States of America (USA) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union) were opposed to each other during the Cold War. Communism was a fairly new idea and was little known about in many parts of the world including the nationalistic USA. The propaganda was highly effective tactic used during the Cold War and the topic of communism was common in American propaganda as it was an unfamiliar and scary concept that caused the American public to develop a dislike and distrust towards the Soviet Union. Meanwhile in the Soviet Union they were portraying America to their public…

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