The Cold War : A Sense Of Paranoia And Fear Essay

1105 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
During the time which Manchurian Candidate is set, a sense of paranoia and fear pervaded the nation. The Cold War is still going on and the Korean War has recently ended during the majority of it. This fear of communism and nuclear war still exists, however. Raymond throughout the Manchurian Candidate is visibly subjected to the will of others. The audience sees him being told what to do by his mother, by Yen Lo, even by Marco as both a superior in the military and through the brainwashing techniques used. There is one distinct feature underlying all of these people which affect Raymond’s choices both under the influence of the mind control and outside of it. Fear, while not the sole factor, both consciously and unconsciously affects the choices made by Raymond. Fear consciously affects choices by either the fear of the outcome of doing something or not doing something. As shown with Raymond, a person will be affected by fear by choosing to do something either from fear of not doing it or do it out of fear if they didn’t do it. This is portrayed in two ways during the flashback scene to Raymond talking with his mother Eleanor about Josie. The first is Raymond’s fear of his mother. During the scene, Raymond threatens to go to bed in the middle of the conversation and begins to do so until his mother calls his name. At which Raymond stops and waits for what she has to say despite obviously not being happy with what she has said so far. Even though Raymond has shown anger at…

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