The Cognitive Style Of Powerpoint Essay

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Edward Tufte 's essay "The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching out Corrupts Within" is a collection of statistical data and case studies outlining the use of Microsoft 's Powerpoint as it relates to a presentation tool. In this 31 pages essay, Mr. Tufte attempts to explain that as Microsoft 's Powerpoint is ambitious, it is flawed by design. With the data and case studies provided, the author enlightens us on common issues and limitations that plague Powerpoint presentations. After reading Mr. Tufte 's essay, I tend to agree with him. The author 's opinion of Powerpoint is clearly stated when he writes "Powerpoint 's convenience for some presenters is costly to the content and the audience." (Tufte, 2006). He also alludes that he does not feel this way about other programs when he states "Effective tools such as web browsers, Word, Excel, Photoshop, and Illustrator are not accompanied by distinctive coginitive styles that reduce the intelliectual level of the content passing throught the program." (Tufte, 2006). The "distinctive cognitive style" Tufte refers to is one based on slide presentations that consist of a combination of bullet points and clip art along with basic graphical and sound effects. Due to the rigid design of a Powerpoint presentation, the average presenter is often limited as they rely on Powerpoint as a presentation crutch other then a tool. Mr. Tufte uses the shuttle Colombia disaster as an example of Powerpoint 's "convenience" proving…

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