The Cognitive Assessment Of Alzheimer 's Dementia Essay

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As people age, changes occur in the body. Some of these changes affect our mental status. When changes start to occur that can cause impaired cognition, this can result in a disease characterized as dementia. Some of the mental changes that can occur with Alzheimer’s dementia are decreased short and long term memory, confusion, impaired judgment, problems with arithmetic, and problem solving. These characteristics can affect how people communicate, make decisions, and care for themselves (Eliopoulos, 2014). Being a part of the healthcare team, nurses will need to pay attention to these changes in their patients. These changes in mental status will need to be assessed. There are several cognitive assessments that can be administered to evaluate cognitive impairment. The two cognitive assessments that I administered to H.J. in the comfort of her home were; the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) and the Mini-Cog. Both assessments are utilized as screening tools to determine Alzheimer’s and other form of Alzheimer’s dementia.
The MOCA assessment was completed in fourteen minutes. The breakdown of the different cognitive domains are; in the visuospatial/executive domain H.J. felt confident doing this activity, she received one point. We moved on to the cylinder activity, H.J. was not able to draw the cylinder. The drawing was not three dimensional; the drawing looked like a picture frame.
H.J. was asked to draw a picture of a clock, indicating ten past eleven. She…

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