The Coding Process By Identifying The Presence Of Conflict Essay

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In order to address my research question I felt it was appropriate to begin the coding process by identifying the presence of conflict in the piece. To my surprise, at no point is the word “conflict” included in the text, therefore, I needed to develop a working definition for the term. After identifying what I perceived to be instances of conflict I felt Deutsh, (1973), provided the most accurate definition of what I was observing. He stated that conflict occurs when;
“An action that is incompatible with another action prevents, obstructs, interferes, injures, or in some way makes the latter less likely or less effective.” (p.10)
I was able to identify are six instances in the transcript where the superintendent indicates her views/actions differed from the desired views/actions of her subordinates. Topics of varied opinion included proficiency based grading, inappropriate use of facilities, allocation of classroom support, timing, school cancellations.
Mhehe, (1974), suggested educational administrators cannot avoid conflict, however, It is evident that the leader understood the importance of minimizing negative interactions by her repeated references to “your people” (p.4). With the code Mindfulness, I was able to identify numerous occasions where her views/actions reflected the needs of her subordinates. In one instance the leader stated “ can’t just come in, and take your leadership style and what you value and make that be what’s going to set the pace for the…

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