The Code Of Ethics Is For Healthcare Leadership Essay

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American College of Healthcare Executives Code of Ethics is for Healthcare leadership representatives. Currently I am a Practice Manger for a health care company, and am pursuing a role as a Regional Director. The ACHE Code of Ethics set a guideline for Healthcare Leadership to interact with their patients, colleagues, community and other organizations. Rules of ethical behavior for the leadership are covered in the Code of Ethics. An essential focus of healthcare leadership is to provide and develop a service that is proficient and effective. Ethics and values are import for healthcare leadership as they are beholden to provide a trustful, respectful confident service to the public. Leadership in the medical field can be expected to be role models, which project ethical leadership and personal honesty. The code is detailed, lengthy and easy to understand. Multiple companies publish their Code of Conduct; however the Code of Ethics is not as easily found. ACHE Code of Ethics allows medical leadership to understand the proper way to act and represent their company.
2. There are five levels of code of ethics, basic, currently attainable, practical and theoretical. The ACHE Code of Ethics is categorized in the practical level. With attentive determination the practical level of ethics can be met the majority of the time. According to the ACHE Code of Ethics leadership in the healthcare fields should not abuse professional…

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